Destination Wedding

Strawberryfarm can manage any wedding feature flawlessly, from the engagement to the happy day and all the significant milestones in between. Our wedding planners work with the bride and groom to design an event that will please the couple, their parents, and all of their guests. The strawberryfarm team ensures that the day is nothing short of ideal, whether a couple opts for a traditional ceremony or a themed extravaganza. The bridal couple will relax and look forward to their beautiful wedding now that all has been done so expertly.

Birthday Party

Birthdays are particularly significant to kids. Give your child a wonderful memory this time! A day of fun at a wonderful resort near Nagpur! Strawberryfarm is a perfect place to celebrate your child’s birthday. Plan a lavish birthday party. You won’t have to settle for the regular sit-down dining parties anymore, adding to the range of locations available at our various attractions. The party host, snacks, and games will all be given by us. All you have to do is show up at the party with the rest of the gang. So, whether you’re a parent or a grandparent, throw a great birthday party for your children and grandchildren, because there’s no better gift than a happy childhood memory! So, whether it’s for your kids, parents, or a birthday party, strawberryfarm is ready to meet all of your party needs.

Vacation Stay

Strawberryfarm is a must-visit farmhouse for a perfect weekend away from the city in nature’s lap if you’re looking for a holiday resort. One of Nagpur’s best clubhouses for hosting your party or function.

Pool Party

We at strawberryfarm plan pool parties that will lighten your mind and body in the perfect relaxing environment. Food, moctails, mud-biking, and other activities are available. We guarantee that you will have a memorable weekend at strawberryfarm Nagpur.

Corporate Events

Strawberryfarm offers the ideal environment for corporate activities. Our clubhouse has conference rooms and meeting rooms, as well as a gym, spa, pool, and recreational area. In every way, a farmhouse will calm you.

Anniversary Party

Anniversaries are recognized as one of the most unforgettable activities in a couple’s life. And if you’re going to remember the day your parents married, you’re probably very excited. They surely deserve a lavish celebration for hitting such an important life milestone.

kitty Party

As one of Nagpur’s top kitty party venues, we guarantee that once you contact us, we will make your party a blast that you will remember for the rest of your life. Our resort is located in a very quiet area, away from any noise or disruption, allowing you to enjoy your day to the fullest.

School Picnic

As new exciting things, places, and people can be gained through interactions, information can be gained through them. As a result, today’s schools engage students in outdoor events such as picnics on the eve of annual days and other activities. According to the proverb, “the essence of education lies in education of the heart,” and a child’s heart desires not only wisdom but also fun and frolic.

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